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The largest Japanese music magazine, The Record Geijutsu (Tokyo) has published a review of our CD.

"Anna Gann's multifaceted voice and Christ-Kato's brilliant playing conjure up the special charm of the songs."


"...wonderful lyrics that are interpreted strongly and in a very special way by the music"  Freies Wort 


"A packed hall, filled with the beautiful sound of the piano and the voice"

"Ease and intense emotion..."  The Chugoku Shimbun


Japan's largest daily newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, has published an article about the Gernsheim duo.


the Japanese radio show FM Osaka "Kurakore!" presented our CD "Hidden Treasures".

"Light as a feather and melodious "  Free word
 "An enjoyable and at the same time educationally meritorious concert"  Thüringer Allgemeine
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