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CD "Hidden Treasures"


The two musicians of the Gernsheim duo Anna Gann (soprano) and Naoko Christ-Kato (piano) present sensational finds on their GENUIN CD. The 22 songs by Friedrich Gernsheim, which they interpret sensitively and knowledgeably, are recorded here for the first time on sound carrier. The composer is one of those Jewish musicians who worked before the Holocaust and are almost forgotten today. The Gernsheim duo is committed to their work and you just have to applaud enthusiastically! The historical and musical value of these meticulously compiled songs cannot be overestimated - and the mastery of the two performers does them justice. 

Concert recording March 27, 2022, Struppsche Villa Meiningen

Karl Goldmark: Don't hit those wet eyes (offTwelve cantosop. 18)
Karl Goldmark: Sunday rest (fromTwelve cantosop. 18)
Karl Goldmark: Trutz (fromSix songsop. 14)


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