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When is an artist a "Jewish artist"?

Anna Gann in conversation with Christiane Florin

Deutschlandfunkday after day(08.10.2021)

"Hardly anyone knows the music of Friedrich Gernsheim - and yet it is gorgeous! Soprano Anna Gann talks to Franziska von Busse about why that is and how she herself discovered Gernsheim's music."

WDR 3TonAred (06/23/2021)

"Since 2015, soprano Anna Gann and pianist Naoko Kato-Christ as the Gernsheim Duo have been fighting for the late romantic Friedrich Gernsheim and his songs. A new CD with premiere recordings has now been released under the beautiful title 'Hidden Treasures.'"

Gernsheim duo in conversation with Gabi Szarvas in the rowmusic worldon (28.12.2019)

"Anna Gann and Naoko Christ-Kato, who as the Gernsheim duo have done a lot of development work at this point, are committed to ensuring that his compositions are played again in as many concert halls as possible in the future."           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_          

Article about Friedrich Gernsheim and the Gernsheim-Duo inMDR culture(07.11.2020)


Gernsheim Duo (small web) _Liebig (4)_edited.jpg


"Gernsheim duo ecstatic ... with perfect harmony"   conference meeting inNorthwest Newspaper(11/16/2021)

"Fresh soprano meets catchy chords... The intensive interpretation of the text is reflected in the facial expressions of the likeable singer in every single song - be it one by Karl Goldmark, Salomon Jadassohn or the namesake Gernsheim himself. His Heine and Rückert, for example, were very engaging -Settings Opus.19; just take 'An den Sturmwind' with its roaring piano runs and full-grip chords, wonderfully savored by Naoko Christ-Kato."    concert reviewin Westphalian News(06/29/2021)

​"Poems from Matthias Claudius to Heinrich Heine to Ricarda Huch become soulful art songs through his [Gernsheim's] melodies... [Anna Gann and Naoko Christ-Kato] awaken the music of the forgotten musician new life."   CD review in public forum(04/30/2021)

"`Verborgene  Schätze´ is the CD title, which does not promise too much, because the songs are an enrichment of the German art song landscape... Music and lyrics are extraordinarily closely interwoven in Gernsheim, what the synergetic interpretation of the duo clearly shows. The spectrum of the songs ranges from voluminous and haunting to highly sensitive and tender, and Gernsheim's setting of `Der Mond ist aufgehen´ is particularly moving..." _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_    CD review inWorms newspaper(04.05.2020)

"Anna Gann's multifaceted voice and Christ-Kato's brilliant playing conjure up the special charm of the songs."    CD review in The Record Geijutsu(Tokyo), the largest Japanese music magazine (20.12.2019)

"What moving songs. What a moving evening. The Gernsheim-Duo gave their audience... a wonderful concert."     concert review inFree Word (19.11.2019)

"The music world is amazed that such works of art have not yet found a sound carrier... [They are] wonderful lyrics that are interpreted through the music in a strong and very special way."

Article about the Gernsheim duo inMeiningen daily newspaper(15.11.2019)

"A full hall, filled with the beautiful sound of the piano and the voice... Lightness and intense emotion..."    concert review inThe Chugoku Shimbun(11/08/2019)

"Clear soprano voice with flowing piano sound"   

Article about the Gernsheim duo inAsahi Shimbun (Tokyo), second largest Japanese daily newspaper (08.10.2019)


06.12.2019: Concert review in the daily newspaperThe West Japan Daily" (The Nishinippon Shimbun) )

11/13/2019: concert review in the daily newspaper,Sanyo Shim Bun

02.11.2019:  Article about the Gernsheim duo in theYomiuri Shimbun(largest Japanese daily newspaper, Tokyo)

November 1st, 2019: CD review in the MusikzeitungKansai Ongaku Shim Bun(classic note)

10/22/2019:Concert review in Asahi Shimbun(second largest Japanese daily newspaper, Tokyo)

10/20/2019: Presentation of the CD "Hidden Treasures" in the radio showFM Osaka "Kurakore!"

10/11/2019: Article about the Gernsheim duo in the  daily newspaperThe Chugoku Shimbun.

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